What fitness trends will be making gains in 2020?

Each year brings new fitness trends, and whilst some are fleeting, we have identified two trends which are not new, but are predicted to make huge GAINS in 2020 due to their variety of benefits for physical health and wellbeing.

TREND 1: Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes are loved by many people, and with good reason(s)!

1. Group classes offer professional instruction.At Glo, all of our instructors are fully qualified and are there to help you make the most out of your class. They can offer guidance on how to improve your posture and stance when exercising, and how to avoid injury. They are also on hand to offer any alternative movements which are better for you given any individual health problems or injuries. This is something you just can’t get from working out on your own.

2. Shaking it up
When working out on your own, it can be easy to stick to your few favourite moves, or those that you think you’re best at. However, when attending a class, you are exposed to new moves and routines which will not only mean a fun and exciting way to exercise, but you may use muscles you don’t usually work, and get a full body workout.

3. Giving you that extra little push
We know that it can be hard to stick to exercise, and motivate yourself to get down to the gym, especially during the darker mornings and nights. But it can be that bit easier if you know you’re going to a class, where the music will be blaring and the lights will be flashing. There will be friendly faces and an instructor to motivate and push you. If you plan your classes in advance, this gives you a routine to stick to which can help you get to the gym regularly.

4. Socialise & meet new people
Your gym session can go much quicker and can be much more entertaining when you have people next to you to sigh and laugh with. You might even meet your new gym buddy, who can help you look forward to your work out and see the gym as more of a social event – that’s got to make getting fit more fun right!?

We have a very wide range of classes at Glo, there is something for everyone. View our timetable here.
Not sure if group exercise classes are right for you? Have you heard about our
Group Effect? We break down each class into 15 minute sections giving members the opportunity to leave on the 15 minute mark if they choose, but also encouraging them to try and do a further 15 minutes when they feel ready, ensuring that members are able to progress without any pressure. So if you’re pressed for time and looking for a quick fitness blast, or wanting to experience the buzz of group fitness without the pressure to complete a full class, our new initiative is for you!

TREND 2: Functional training

Functional training quite simply means training with a purpose; the purpose being training our muscles we use the most everyday, to get better at everyday activities like walking, sitting, pushing a door open or picking something up. Functional fitness helps our bodies to continue functioning at its best for as long as possible, preventing injury and maintaining strength.

Functional fitness is not about how many reps you can do or how much weight you can lift, but about using proper technique whilst exercising and the type of exercises you do. The type of exercises included in functional fitness are those such as squats, lunges, deadlifts and rotations. What is not included, is isolated movements such as bicep curls. Think about it this way, movements such as squats and lunges are mimicked everyday in real life, when sitting down, picking something up etc. However, isolated movements are rarely, if ever mimicked whilst carrying out an everyday activity.

Similarly, the exercises use free weights and not machines so you are less restricted.

At Glo, our classes which incorporate functional fitness include LBT, bootcamp, HIIT, Body conditioning, HIIT Step and Yoga. View our timetable here and come along in the new year to start putting your health & fitness first, and ask your instructor about functional fitness!

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