Sweat away the winter blues with Glo

The dark and cold months can leave you feeling gloomy. Often the last thing on your mind when you get home from work is exercise and it is much more tempting to curl up with a good book and a hearty home-made meal.

However, it is so important to keep active during winter, and glo has lots of reasons for you to sweat away the blues this Winter..

Bright & Warm

The dark nights, cold temperatures and slippy roads can put people off going outside to exercise. Not to mention the task of layering for when you get hot during your workout! At Glo, it is always bright, warm and safe to exercise. Pop your outdoor running shoes on but jump on the treadmill instead!

Gym instructor smilingUplift Your Mood

It is scientifically proven that exercise makes you happy! Serotonin & dopamine hormones are released during exercise which can help to brighten your mood and beat the blues. If you feel like the last thing you want to do is leave the house and head to Glo, it is probably what you need to do. It is always upbeat at Glo, the disco lights will be flashing, the music will be pumping and the team will always be on hand with a warm welcome.

If you’re really feeling the blues and don’t want to push yourself too much, or you get stuck in the snow and end up being late, it’s no problem thanks to our Group Effect!


Save Money on Your Heating Bills

The best way to get warm is to get moving. Exercise heats up the body and you retain the heat even after you get changed into your cosy pyjamas.

Beat the Bugs

Skipping your workouts in the winter can mean increased chance of catching the bugs and colds flying around. Furthermore, exercise helps you to maintain a healthy weight which is one of the factors for good immunity.


Guilt Free Gorging

With Christmas around the corner and strong comfort food cravings, ensuring regular exercise means you can give in to winter treats. Enjoy festive food without the guilt – we all know that the festive spiced lattes are too good to resist…

Extra Energy

We are not kidding – whilst you may think you lose every last bit of energy you have in the gym, studies show that those who exercise experience a great reduction in tiredness and actually gain energy for the rest of the day. Why not start an early morning class during the winter season to make sure you are full of energy and serotonin for the rest of the day!

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