How Corporate Gym Membership Can Make Your Business Fitter

Once, corporate gym membership was about helping your employees stay fit. Now, it’s just as likely to be about ensuring your employees remain your employees.

You don’t need us to tell you that, over the last couple of years, it’s got harder for many businesses to recruit staff. It’s got harder to retain them too. The rising cost of living—and a preference for hybrid or home working—has nudged many workers to start exploring their career options.

As if running your business wasn’t hard enough…

Few Oldham businesses will be in a position to simply increase wages, so being able to keep hold of your people becomes more about the overall package you can present to them, because a package of perks can cost far less for employers than a payrise, while being hugely beneficial to employees. But what should that package include?

Gym membership, fitness and wellbeing top worker perks

Gym membership and health and wellbeing perks feature strongly in every list of workplace benefits. In this study, gym membership was at the very top. As the article notes, “health and wellbeing benefits are quickly becoming a ‘must have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’ for employers and their talent attraction and retention strategies.”

Yet there’s more to offering gym membership than talent retention.

How the gym benefits your people and your business

Insurance company Aviva set out to explore the real-world benefits of health and fitness-based employer initiatives. Their study found:

The single most popular health initiative? Gym membership (in a tie with workplace counselling services).

Exercise has been proven to boost problem solving and multi-tasking capabilities[1]. It improves sleep (which can in turn help reduce presenteeism and improve productivity and teamworking). Physical exercise reduces stress and anxiety, and improves alertness, self-esteem and positivity. It makes us happier, and even a little exercise may make us a little happier. As this study found, happier workers are less likely to leave[2], which brings us full circle to staff retention.

Create a healthier workforce—and a fitter business—with Glo Gym

Of course, you can offer your people a gym membership, but you can’t make them go. For that, the gym you offer membership at needs to offer a variety of environments, classes and training options to suit everyone. It needs to be a welcoming space people want to return to, with friendly, supportive trainers who’ll stay supportive whether staff visit a little or a lot. It needs to get results.

Glo Gym does, and all for just £18.99 pppm.


To find out more about how corporate gym membership can help you create a healthier, happier and loyal workforce, talk to us.

[1] Differential effects of acute and regular physical exercise on cognition and affect. Hopkins M.E., F.C. Davis, M.R. Vantieghem, P.J. Whalen, D.J. Bucci, Neuroscience, 2012 Jul 26;215:59-68.

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