HealthIER Christmas

Christmas is a time for coming together with family and friends to enjoy company, and of course, lots of food. It’s important that we do not deprive ourselves of hearty Christmas food and the good times and memories it brings, however, there are lots of little tips to prevent indulgences harming your health and your fitness this Christmas and a healthIER Christmas recipe.

  1. Be mindful of your alcohol intake
    Don’t drink so much that you can’t remember one of the best days of the year. Pace yourself, drink one glass of water for every glass of alcohol and choose the alcohol you drink wisely.
  2. Enjoy your vegetables
    Christmas dinner is packed with vegetables – sprouts, carrots, parsnips, broccoli…
    Make sure you pile these on your plate as they are full of goodness, and importantly, they will fill you up.
  3. Two meals on Christmas Day is enough
    We don’t know about you, but Christmas dinner counts as lunch and dinner for us. If you start the day with a light breakfast and then try and resist snacking until the big meal is served. You will have many more calories to use up on the good stuff!
  4. Don’t sit down all day
    Does anyone else pick a spot on the sofa on Christmas Day and not seem to move much unless food is served? Try and fit in some steps, whether it is taking the dog for a walk, going to the upstairs loo or playing a game of hide and seek!

Cheeky Chocolate Yule Log

This is a lighter take on the traditional chocolate Swiss roll loved by anyone with a sweet tooth at Christmas time.

  1. Preheat oven to 180c
  2. Line a Swiss roll tin or baking tray with lightly greased baking paper
  3. Whisk 140g sugar with and 7 egg yolks (keep the egg whites for later) until thick. Whisk in 65g cocoa powder.
  4. In a seperate goal, whisk the egg whites until stiff and add them to the cocoa mixture. 
  5. Pour into baking tray and bake for 20. Minutes
  6. Leave to cool 
  7. Whisk 200ml double cream and 75ml creme fraiche. Spread over the sponge.
  8. Add any fruit toppings such as raspberries, blueberries, strawberries to the filling.
  9. Roll up the Yule log and melt dark chocolate to drizzle on top.

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