Commit to staying fit this Christmas

We can no longer deny it, it is nearly Christmas! At Glo, we too often hear that people are ‘off their diet’ or ‘having a month off’ just because it’s Christmas. However, we are here to tell you why you shouldn’t give up your fitness and health just because Santa is coming to town, and some useful tips to help you stay on track.

WHY you should continue sleighing it in the gym:

Don’t lose something you have worked so hard all year for
Have you been working hard on your health and fitness all year? Don’t let one month of the year mean that all that hard work goes out of the decorated window. Fitness and performance levels are known to drop by HALF within 2 weeks of inactivity! However, it can take months to get your fitness to this level. Even by committing to physical activity for two days a week throughout December can help you to maintain the fitness levels you’ve worked so hard for. Make December a month of maintenance, not improvement.


Workout now, keep burning calories later
After you finish working out, you will keep burning calories at an accelerated rate for at least the next 14 hours. Intense workouts such as HIIT can lead to calorie burning for up to 24 hours! You know what that means? If you reschedule your workouts to the morning during December, you can treat yourself to that pig in blanket or Christmas pudding later in the day! Check out our timetable to see which morning classes you can fit into your routine.



HOW you can fit in fitness around the festivities:

Plan, plan, and plan some more
We understand what a busy time Christmas can be. Every weekend and
evening seems filled with catching up with family/friends, works parties, present
wrapping or last minute shopping. If you plan your workout time like you would any other commitment,
you will be less likely to cancel, and can start to fit these other activities around your fitness routine.
There is no need to book for classes at Glo, so write them in your calendar and try your best to not reschedule.



The Group Effect
Really struggling for time? Need to rush home to help the
kids make their Christmas costume?
Why not drop by a class for the first or last 15-30 minutes?
This is known as our Group Effect,
where our classes are split into 15 minute intervals. 



Fit in time with your friends in the gym
Promised that friend you would catch up before Christmas?
NEED to get a present to a friend before it’s too late?
Why not suggest a workout together? The workout will be more fun,
and you can recover afterwards over coffee or lunch!


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