Our top tips for beating the Summer heat

July was the hottest month ever recorded on earth in the UK and despite the rain, the August temperatures are still high! Whether you are enjoying pre- or post-holiday workouts, or just keeping fit, we have come up with our top tips to beat the heat and humidity so you can make the most of your membership this Summer.


Water, water and more water!
Before you even start working out, drink one or two glasses of water to hydrate. Continue to sip your drink throughout the workout and have another glass or two after. (Pretend it is a refreshing cocktail if it helps!)

Let your skin breathe
Light-coloured and sweat-wicking gym clothing will allow your body to release sweat and stay cool. When choosing which gym clothes to wear, try to avoid 100% cotton and choose polyester, spandex or polypropylene fabrics.

Work out during the cooler times of the day
Avoid exercising between 10am and 3pm when the sun is at its hottest. Why not try an early morning spin class or some afternoon yoga?
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Replenish your electrolytes in a healthy way
Electrolytes (such as sodium, calcium and potassium) help regulate muscle function in the body. We lose a lot of electrolytes through our sweat and breath and it’s important to replace them after exercise. A lot of sports drinks claim to do the job, however, they also include a lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Replenish your electrolytes through fruit, vegetables (especially bananas, dates, raisins, avocado, spinach and potatoes).

Be kind to yourself
Don’t push yourself too hard; exercising in the heat causes you to use more energy and calories anyway. Know your limits and stop immediately if you start to feel weak, nauseous or dizzy and let one of our friendly on-site staff know!

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