6 Tips For Keeping Your Fitness Plans on Track this Winter

Dark winter evenings sapping your motivation? Here are some tips to keep your fitness regime on track.

You’re going to the gym this evening. As soon as you finish work, you’ll go straight there and then head home afterwards. Actually, maybe you’ll nip home first to get changed. And grab a bite to eat. While you catch up on a little TV. Damn, this sofa’s comfy. Ah well, the gym will still be there tomorrow won’t it?

Winter nights can play havoc with your fitness plans. When it’s cold and wet and all you want to do is curl up somewhere warm, it’s easy to find your willpower on the floor (next to your gym bag). So how do you keep things on track?

Here are our tips for giving your motivation a helping hand this season.

1. Plan ahead. Get everything ready

It’s the going home first that’s the stumbling block isn’t it? Don’t give the comforts of home a chance to get in the way of your routine. Make a definite plan to go to the gym straight after work. Prep your bag the evening before, then leave it by the door so you don’t forget it on your way out next morning.


2. Be kind with your goals

It’s easy for a Christmas of overindulgence to leave you feeling guilty. The problem with that is it can nudge you towards setting the most punishing goals of the year at a time when you’re at lowest level of fitness motivation.

So go (relatively) easy. Be kind with your goals. Take a moment to realise just how good you feel after a session and remember the only person who’s judging is you. Give yourself a break and take the time you need to get up to speed in the new year.

3. Ask for a little help

Most of the time you’re happy doing your own thing at the gym. You set your own targets and, generally speaking, you pretty much hit them. That’s why, most of the time, you don’t feel the need for a personal trainer. That’s fine.

Winter, though, is a great time to think about your goals, fitness levels and lifestyle and make sure your gym routine is still delivering for your ambitions. A personal trainer can help you with that. They’ll help you review where you’re at, check whether your routine is doing what you want it to and, if you need a bit of a reset, they’ll help you achieve it.

Perhaps most importantly for a gloomy winter night, new goals and a friendly PT can help motivate you too.

Book a session with a Glo Personal Trainer now.

4. Shake up the routine

The problem with fitness routines is they can feel a bit, well, routine. That can make it more of a challenge to work up the enthusiasm to hit the gym. Shake yourself out of that mindset by shaking up your fitness week. Try a new class to give you a fresh burst of energy and willpower.

There are classes every day of the week, including Pilates, Zumba, Glo Spin, Bootcamps, Piloxing, Boxercise and loads more. Explore the full timetable at Glo Gym here. And if you’re unsure which class would be best for you, just ask.

5. Bring a friend

Nothing motivates more than exercising together. Research shows hitting the gym with a friend is more likely to:

• Motivate you to stick to your commitments
• Create some friendly competition
• Encourage you to work harder
• Help you achieve your goals

Perhaps most importantly, achieving your goals with a friend can feel more rewarding, because you have someone to share your success with. It’s more fun too.
To help, when you refer a friend to Glo Gym, we’ll give you a month’s free membership. Find out more.

6. Enjoy the festive season

You don’t want to spend the holiday season beating yourself up for enjoying the odd indulgence. You really are allowed to give yourself a bit of a break. Denying yourself the treats of Christmas only damages your wellbeing and makes you resent the fact you’re working so hard to stay fit the rest of the year.

Instead, head into the festive season with a clear fitness plan for when you’re on the other side. That can give you the freedom to enjoy the holidays properly, because you know that, even if things slide a little over Christmas, you’ll soon be able to fix it.


Enjoy your Christmas better by knowing Glo Gym is there for you before, during and after the festive season. Sign up now.


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